FlowSports as our new partner

Hey girls!

Cheers to this new partnership!

We want to let you know that FlowSports is our latest partner. We are very excited about this partnership and we see so many opportunities with them.

FlowSports is created by the idea of empowering the football woman. An idea we fully support. They guide female football players to reach their goals in the sport, but at a business front as well. They help them to get everything out of their career. It’s all about girl power.

Brigitte Brus from Heart to Get: ‘’We want our products to be a piece of jewelry, but also to be a special message for the one who receives it or the one who wears it. In recent years we all saw some powerful stories in women’s football. We also saw how the players shined on the field, but outside the football fields as well. The young feminine segment is an important one to us. With this partnership we want to get in touch with them.’’

Heart to Get shares the values of FlowSports and we are more than happy to announce this partnership. Want to know more about FlowSports and their article about us? Read it here!

More is coming soon!

XOXO Heart to Get