Photo shoot Kirsten Westeringh

Photo shoot with Kirsten van de Westeringh

We are very happy to have contracted the successful soccer girl Kirsten van de Westeringh, represented by Flowsports. This girl is an amazing young professional football player! We started this wonderful cooperation with a photo shoot in the city The Hague.

The intention of the photo shoot was to show Kirsten van de Westeringh on a casual insta-look way: not a studio shoot at all. So we decided to go to The Hague with her and prepared a citylook shoot. We teamed up with Iris Amberr. She is a professional influencer on Instagram. She made the photos and styled the complete outfits. She planned four different settings: the center of The Hague, an American diner, a cute terrace and a cozy setting inside. It were the perfect settings for showing Heart to Get jewelry worn in different styles and settings.

Kirsten has worn many different styles necklaces and bracelets of the new collections: the coin necklaces mixed with dangling necklaces and bracelets. Kirsten also worn a couple of engraved items of our personalize app. We asked her about her favorite personal quotes: one of them was ‘make it happen’. So we engraved that on a necklace. We also engraved her initials on one of our star necklaces!

We had a great time with this fun photo shoot with Kirsten van de Westeringh! This girl rocks!

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